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Teri Aguiar, PhD

Description of classes

merican Safety and Health Institute

Emergency Cardiac Care Courses

Basic CPR/AED - Basic CPR covering chest compressions, rescue breathing, and airway management for adult, child, and infant; emergency cardiac care, choking relief (including Heimlich Maneuver), drowning, Good Samaritan Law, "Hands Only" CPR, AED training. Includes 2-year certification. $35.

CPR PRO - Highest level of CPR intended for physicians, nurses, technicians, dental hygienists, dieticians, first responders or any professional with patient contact or high-risk conditions. Training includes all the above plus Ambu bag training, 2-rescuer CPR, skills & knowledge evaluations. Includes
2-year certification. $45

American Safety and Health Institute 
First Aid Courses

Basic First Aid - Basic emergency techniques appropriate for all ages. Classes can be customized to meet your specific needs. Includes 2-year certification. $25

Child and Babysitting Safety and Pediatrics - Extensive emergency first aid techniques specifically designed for childcare. Includes 2-year certification. $35

                     Sport Psychology and Exercise Physiology
                                    Presentations and Workshops
Presentations and workshops customized to meet the needs of your audience. Topics may include mental aspects of athletic preparation and performance-enhancement, anxiety/arousal control, attention/focus training, confidence building, exercise/fitness training, nutrition, etc. Delivery of material is customized to meet the level of the audience: basic, informative, and motivating for athletes and coaches or scholarly, data-rich lecture for professional golf coaches.

† Large-group and corporate rates available for all CPR & First Aid classes. Contact me!
† Printed take-home materials included with all CPR & First Aid classes
† All training & certification available on-site in the convenience of your office or home
† Flexible schedule includes evenings & weekends